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Apr 07, 2022
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Screenshot showing an eCommerce store When So Aesthetic founder Justin Wong started the store, he was still working full time and grew the business to $12,000 in sales per month before he quit his day job.[*] MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS Making your own products is a common way to get started in the eCommerce space — especially for people with a passion for the products they’re creating. This can be one of the more time-consuming ways to acquire stock for your store. But it can also create a feeling of value and worth around your products as customers will know each was crafted by a real person rather than a machine. If you start making your own products, you don’t have any manufacturing or supplier costs, and the Telemarketing list startup costs will be limited to the raw materials and tools you need to make your product. Many people who make their own products start out in the C2C space, selling their products via third-party platforms before they and launch their own store. This is exactly what happened to Paul Cunningham who started out selling leather sports goods on Etsy before launching Leather Head Sports: Screenshot showing a store that makes footballs WHOLESALE Wholesaling is one of the more expensive ways to fill your eCommerce store with products, but it can also be super rewarding ($$$). With the wholesale approach, you buy your inventory upfront from a supplier, and then you sell to customers for a higher rate.
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